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the ocean - EP

by Travis Morgan

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i kicked off a night or two ago, left almost everything at home exactly how i found it. dropped my phone off in the sea, that way no one knows but me how to disappear completely. i'm not stopping until it's my time or the ocean takes control of my whole life, whichever comes first. maybe i'll find peace before i sleep, or maybe things will just never be right within me, there's only one way to know, and i've still got a little ways to go.
where were you when i needed you most? i looked up to the sky, saw nothing but smoke. and all of my messages were left unread. did dreams of us ever run through your head? because i know that they always did for me, and i pray that you'll say the same thing. i see nothing i did could have kept you close. you needed to run, you wanted to host another man's heart inside of your own. i'm the one to blame though, i was never at home. and i know what you must be thinking, "such a sad, pathetic little thing." but do you know what you are about to be? reasons enough for someone to dive too deep.
resurfacing. 03:39
maybe i've been too hasty and need to reconsider this. although maybe that is just what she would want, for me to turn around and quit. though maybe that wouldn't be so bad, to make it out and crawl back in bed. but there's nothing left out there for me, so i'll stay out here at sea. how could she have even done this? it's not like i did anything. selfishness abound and nothing more than wishing to spite me. all i ever wanted was to give her everything and make her happy again. over time, she saw less and less of me. i suppose that's why our systems started failing. i never meant to create distance, but i suppose that it was inevitable. now that she's moved on, i'm left behind, alone, to carry on. and now that i've fully committed, i'll be making for my final resting place. but if i could ask for only just one thing, it's that she appear within my final dream.
and i wish we could stay there forever, never growing tired of being who we were. but i fear that you won't remember. finally, it seems i've taken things too far.
capsize. 04:41
here i sit at the end of it all, still no idea what comes after the fall. no signs of angels or devils even for me. hate to admit it, to tell you i was wrong. that's just my nature though - prideful to a fault. this hole that i've dug's too deep, no lifeline can pull me back out. still i'll say, "i'm so sorry, baby," and promise, if i could take it back, i'd be the better man that you need. no more mistakes for me to make. i know i've learned a lesson here, though maybe just a little too late. shadows reaching up from the sea, their darkest hands so welcoming. cold embrace was really all i could need. hope you'll say, "it's okay,' and promise to meet me back there in that home that we built. no more mistakes for me to make. i know i've learned my lessons here, though maybe just a little too late.


this EP was recorded in a closet over the course of a little under a year. it is my first musical project, and i sincerely hope you enjoy listening.


released November 28, 2019

lyrics and instrumentation by travis morgan.
album cover art by reid edgmon (find him at www.instagram.com/christines_lead_injection/?hl=en)

special thanks to my excellent family, wonderful girlfriend, and my best friend and collaborator, reid edgmon.


all rights reserved



Travis Morgan Denton, Texas

I am a twenty-four year old making music in my closet and I hope you enjoy it.

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